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SAT/4/17 :: 4:00p
James Patterson Discusses his New Audible Original Drama, The Coldest Case, with Donna Wares, Presented by Audible

Bookseller: AUDIBLE
In an audio-exclusive experience, an all-star cast led by Aaron Paul, Krysten Ritter, and Nathalie Emmanuel performs the latest from James Patterson. The Coldest Case: A Black Book Audio Drama is the long-awaited prequel to Patterson’s #1 New York Times and USA Today bestseller The Black Book. L.A. Times Book Club Editor Donna Wares leads the conversation.
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Donna Wares

Donna Wares returned to the Los Angeles Times in 2019 to launch the Los Angeles Times Book Club. She has previously served as an editor on the paper’s national desk, state desk and Orange County city desk. Formerly managing editor of the Orange County Register and director of the Spokesman-Review’s Northwest Passages Book Club in Washington state, Wares began her career as a reporter for the Miami Herald. She has written several books and edited “My California: Journeys by Great Writers,” a bestselling anthology that raised more than $100,000 for children’s writing programs in the state.


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James Patterson

James Patterson is the world’s bestselling author. The creator of Alex Cross, he has produced more enduring fictional heroes than any other novelist alive. He lives in Florida with his family.


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