The nation’s largest in-person literary event--which historically takes place in the month of April on the lovely campus of the University of Southern California-- continues this year as an online community gathering, beginning on Saturday, April 17, and extending over the course of  the next week. Join us for one-on-one conversations, exciting panels, virtual readings by your favorite authors, and more!


1. Select Your Event
Each event requires an individual RSVP. We use Eventbrite as our ticketing platform; once you have created your Eventbrite profile, you can register for any of our events. Most of the events are free of charge; there are a few that require a book purchase.

We just ask for your email address and a few other details. You also will have the opportunity to submit questions in advance for the panelists.

3. Check for confirmation email
You will receive a confirmation email for each event registration.

4. Look out for the event reminder email!
Closer to each program, a reminder email containing a specific link to watch the event will be sent to you.


Q : What is the Festival of Books?
A : The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books began with a simple goal: to bring together the people who create books with the people who love to read them. The festival was an immediate success and has evolved in its physical form to include live bands, poetry readings, chef demos, film screenings and artists creating their work on-site.

Q : How can I attend a virtual Festival event?
A : Most events are free to attend. Register for each event individually here on the website and you will receive a confirmation email, and closer to each program you will be emailed a specific link  to watch the event.

Q : Can I ask questions of the authors during a virtual event?
A : Questions for the authors can be submitted in advance of the event when you register online. Due to limited time with the authors, not all pre-submitted questions will be asked, but a selection will be asked by the moderator on the audience’s behalf.

Q : How do I buy the author’s books, and will those books be signed?
A : We encourage your support of festival authors and local booksellers by purchasing the authors’ book(s). We are working with several local Los Angeles bookstores, each of whom will sell books for specifically designated festival programs – those bookstores and books will be linked to on the Festival website, taking you directly to a page on their website where you can purchase the author’s books. There may be some signed books/bookplates available from participating Festival authors; stayed tuned to the website for details.

Q : How can authors participate in a panel or other program this year?
A : Unfortunately, the 2021 Festival program is full and we are not taking submissions at this time. We will update this page with information on submissions for 2022 once the 2021 Festival has concluded.

Q : Do you need volunteers for the 2021 Festival?
A : Thank you for asking, but we do not need volunteers for the virtual Festival. Stay tuned to the website for details on volunteering in 2022.

Q : What are the plans for the 2022 Festival?
A : The Times will continue to monitor public health and safety protocols, and we hope to be back on the USC campus in 2022.

Q : How do I contact you?
A : General information eventinfo@caltimes.com • Media CommsDept@latimes.com • Book Prizes ann.binney@latimes.com • Author & Performers festivalprog@caltimes.com


The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is the largest book festival in the northern hemisphere. Every year, our partners support our effort to bring the best in storytelling & ideas to our community. If you are interested in a partnership, please email myra.marayag@latimes.com.


Authors / Artists / Performers
The Festival Author Committee invites selected authors to participate in readings and panel discussions. Performers for throughout the festival are encouraged to apply. If you wish to be considered,  please complete this application form.

Due to the volume of applications received, we are unable to respond to every applicant. Should a spot for you within the 2021 Festival be available, you will be contacted by a member of the Los Angeles Times programming committee.

Terms & Agreement

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A new year, a new experience
April 17-23, 2021

Stay tuned here for our new site with the 2021 line-up announcement on March 23 and more! Mark your calendars April 17-23 for the 26th Annual {Virtual} Festival of Books!