DECEMBER 3 | 6:30 - 9:30PM
One night a year, a celebration of Los Angeles’ top restaurants brings together the best of the best, serving you samples from their acclaimed menus. Join us as we reveal The Los Angeles Times’ 101
Restaurants We Love list for 2018. You’ll enjoy unlimited bites from our handpicked favorites, along with craft cocktails and live music.
It’s the can’t-miss food event of the year.

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Which chefs are doing something truly new? Who is creating the dishes we crave as soon as we’ve finished them? Who is pushing dining forward, and who is keeping us rooted in our past? And how do we answer these questions without Jonathan?”
These are the questions that guided Los Angeles Times staffers as they set out to create a list of Los Angeles’ 101 favorite restaurants after the loss of iconic restaurant critic Jonathan Gold. The answer: Stay true to Gold’s vision without trying to fill his shoes.
First, remember the No. 1 rule of eating in L.A. “There are no rules,” says Jenn Harris, acting food editor of the Los Angeles Times. Second, reflect the city as a whole. Third, defer to Gold’s work, relying heavily on his most recent reviews and giving 15 spots on the list to significant restaurants Gold wrote about in the months before his passing. And this year, for the first time ever, there's a bonus Classics list featuring “the types of places you take people from out of town, because they are emblematic of Los Angeles, a city with a history, a city of diversity, a city of seemingly limitless possibility,” Harris says.
Through this labor of love, endeavored by Harris and food writers Andrea Chang and Amy Scattergood, The Times has created the list 101 Restaurants We Love for 2018. Bon appetit, L.A.!