Hear what sponsors and exhibitors have to say about us in their own words.

“We started six years ago with just a table and two posters. Last year, we won ‘Best of Show’. We keep participating, and expanding our presence, because it really works. People waited in line to get in, they stayed longer and asked informed questions about where to go in Taiwan.”
Trust Lin, Director of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau

“Participating in this show allowed us to leverage the exposure and audience that the Los Angeles Times has to offer, which is a great fit for us. There were very savvy travelers at the show and we were able to provide travel services for a variety of destinations, from high-end African safaris to Caribbean cruises.”
Michelle Lindsey, Western Region Manager for American Express Travel Services

“From my perspective, the 2012 L.A. Times Travel Show and travel industry conference was a huge success. The travel professionals who attended were engaged in learning and sharing information and ideas. It was a great opportunity to bring all industry segments together, from suppliers and tourism boards, to travel marketing groups and retail travel agents. I already have next year on my calendar!”
Jason Coleman, President, American Society of Travel Agents
President, Jason Coleman, Inc. (a cruise oriented agency)

“The Los Angeles Times Travel Show is one of the few travel trade exhibitions that looks to stimulate travel industry advancement and growth via educational seminars, whilst at the same time presents a venue for trade and consumers to interact directly with each other. The combination of trade day and consumer weekend was most worthwhile for our organization in securing agent awareness, support, and membership in addition to creating destination and trade awareness with the consumer.”
Clark Carey
President – APTA (Association For The Promotion of Tourism To Africa) – Los Angeles Chapter

“The LA Times Travel Show was truly an excellent experience and venue where both the Travel Agents and Consumers could meet with the exhibitors and learn about their destinations and products. The huge attendance at the event and enthusiasm from the visitors all made for a most successful show. Port Canaveral was able to showcase our many Cruise Line partners that sail to the Bahamas and Caribbean from our Port and show consumers what a tremendous value and how wonderful a cruise vacation can be.”
Robert (Bobby G) Giangrisostomi, Director Customer Sales, Services and Initiatives – Port Canaveral, Florida

“The LA Times Travel Show established one thing for Baja.com – “Baja is Back!” We’re looking forward to the 2013 show as we continue to cater to an entirely new generation of travelers, with a unique set of needs and interests.
Jim Pickell, CEO, www.baja.com

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