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SAT. AUGUST 30 | 7:30-11:30 P.M. - DINNER WITH A TWIST

Hosted by Betty Hallock, Jenn Harris,
John Sedlar & Julian Cox

Discover plates and pours
from L.A.’s dining scene
What’s more L.A. than a swanky cocktail party on a Hollywood backlot? That’s exactly what this Saturday evening event is. You’ll enjoy drinks that have brought Southern California’s cutting-edge cocktail culture into a golden age and unique dishes from the city’s hottest chefs.

21 years and older only. Ticket price includes food,
beer, wine and spirits tastings, plus access to demos
and presentations.

Upgrade your Dinner with a Twist ticket for access to an exclusive pre-event where you’ll enjoy imaginative cocktail creations.

Offer expires Thu. 8/28, 11:59 p.m.
Meet the stars of Dinner with a Twist
Raise your glass to some of the most creative culinary minds working in L.A.’s bars and restaurants.

More will be added daily
7:30 – 11 p.m.
Pop-Up Bar Presented by BlackMask Rum featuring Rosemarie Ruiz (Harlowe)
Pop-Up Bar Presented by VeeV featuring James Bowers (Soho House)

8:30 – 9 p.m.
Buick Culinary Stage
Cooking & Mixology Demonstration presented by Daniel Joly (Owner/Executive Chef Mirabelle at Beaver Creek) sponsored by Stella Artois

8:45 – 9:15 p.m.
The Taste Bar Stage
Salts and Sugars: A Look at Alternate Products and Applications, featuring Tricia Carr, presented by Southern Wine and Spirits

9:15 – 9:45 p.m.
Citi Culinary Stage
Cooking & Mixology Demonstration presented by Ricardo Zarate & Deysi Alvarez (Mo-chica/Picca/Paiche)

9:45 – 10:15 p.m.
Buick Culinary Stage
Cooking & Mixology Demonstration presented by Michael Hung & Michael Lay (Faith & Flower)

10 – 10:30 p.m.
The Taste Bar Stage
Mixology Demonstration featuring Alex Day & Devon Tarby (Honeycut/Proprieters, LLC), Max Seaman & Mikki Kristola (The Varnish), and Naomi Schimek (The Spare Room) hosted by Betty Hallock & Jenn Harris

10:30 – 11 p.m.
Citi Culinary Stage
Cooking & Mixology Demonstration presented by John Sedlar and Julian Cox (Rivera)

    Consider this just an appetizer — more will be added to the menu soon.
  • SAT. AUG. 30
  • 6-7:30 P.M.
  • OFFER EXPIRES THU. 8/28, 11:59 P.M.
Hosted by Tricia Carr, CSS, Southern California Director of Mixology, Southern Wine & Spirits
Curated by Veronica Thousand, CSS, Education & Events Coordinator, Southern Wine and Spirits

Equal parts select spirits and mixology magic
Shaken or stirred. Straight up or with a twist. This exclusive add-on at the Paramount Theatre is filled with the unexpected as L.A.’s top mixologists
serve up distinctive pours, small bites, and enticing discoveries. Limited tickets are available, so don’t miss this delicious foray into innovative cocktails.

Ascendant | Type: Vodka
American Star Vodka: Original, Caviar Lime, Strawberry, and introducing Ghost Chili Vodka
With our distillery located in the heart of Santa Barbara County, one of California’s premier wine growing regions, we knew that producing artisan spirits that matched the quality of other beverages from the region was an imperative. So when it came time to create a truly world-class, small-batch American vodka, our Master Distiller decided to make American Star Vodka from 100% American corn. Corn is after all the quintessential American grain and it has many qualities that make it perfect for crafting a top-shelf premium vodka. American Star Vodka is distilled five times to reach the highest level of purity and finished with a rigorous innovative filtration process. This produces an exceptionally clean-tasting, smooth-finishing vodka with a slight hint of sweetness that meets the lofty standards of our Master Distiller.

Host: Jeremy Lake
Crossroads Kitchen / Ascendant
Jeremy has been involved with renowned bar programs including Playa, Sotto, Test Kitchen (1 & 2), SoHo House, Hollywood and Rivera; and has been featured in Tasting Panel Magazine,, and ABC’s The Glass House. He currently serves as the Bar Program Director for Crossroads Kitchen in L.A. and as national trades consultant for Ascendant.

Blackheath | Type: Rum (Dominican Republic)
Atlantico Rum Reserva
This Solera style rum uses different aged rums that were carefully selected and blended together by our third generation Master Blender. The result is a vibrant rum with intense flavor and depth that can be best enjoyed neat or with a cube of ice.

Host: Alex Straus
Grandpa Johnson’s / Bon Vivants
Alex began his career in the nightlife/liquor industry over 15 years ago in Boston. He was polishing his bartending experience in New York City when he was asked to help open Tao Beach in Las Vegas. After his success in Vegas, he moved to L.A. to open Beso Restaurant. Alex can now be found behind the bar at Grandpa Johnson’s in Hollywood or throwing amazing parties across the country with Bon Vivants, a cocktail, hospitality, marketing, and design firm.

Distillery 209 | Type: Gin
Distillery 209 Gin
Established in 1882, the No. 209 story begins in New York in 1870, when William Scheffler purchased the patent for California rights to a new design of a pot still. In 1880, Scheffler bought Edge Hill Estate in St. Helena, at the time one of the most impressive wineries in the Napa Valley and added a stone and brick distillery to the winemaking facilities at Edge Hill. He registered the distillery with the Federal Government and was given distillery license number 209 which he proudly painted above the front door of his new distillery building. His distilled spirits were very high quality and won numerous awards, including a medal at the Universal Exposition of 1889 in Paris, France. In 1999 Leslie Rudd became the new steward of the Edge Hill property. One day while he was surveying the property, he noticed the faintly visible words “Registered Distillery No. 209” painted above the iron doors of what was being used as a hay barn. Unearthing the rest of the story was the point of inspiration for No. 209 Gin and the historical restoration of Edge Hill. The restoration of the original Distillery No. 209 received preservationist awards from both Napa County and the State of California. For the revival of Distillery No. 209, we built a new distillery on Pier 50 in San Francisco whose size and location were not conducive for production. True to our initial goals, we have taken the best of traditional Old World distilling techniques and married them with a passion for excellence, innovative thinking, and a willingness to take risks to create No. 209 Gin.

D’Shawn Kerrins, Distillery 209
Kristina Howald, Bestia
Arne Hillesland, Master Distiller, Distillery 209
Prior to morphing into a world-class master distiller, Arne took a twenty-year journey through Silicon Valley and a career in high technology manufacturing and engineering, followed by a detour into Internet start-ups and artificial intelligence. Arne has had a passion for creating spirits since his teenaged forays into the making of beer, hard cider and wine in his garage with his chemist father.

El Silencio | Type: Mezcal
El Silencio Mezcal
El Silencio is an artisanal Mezcal hand-crafted in San Baltazar Guelavila, Oaxaca by Master Mezcalier Pedro Hernández, a ninth-generation “Maestro Mezcalero.” As an organic Mezcal, El Silencio’s production does not involve any additives or industrial processes. The result is a craft spirit of the highest quality with an infinite range of flavors, dimensions, and character.

Host: Aidan Demarest
Seven Grand,The Doheny,The Edison,
the Spare Room, Neat
A key player in the L.A. cocktail scene, having opened Seven Grand, The Doheny, The Edison and the Spare Room at the Hollywood Roosevelt, Aidan plays many roles in the spirit and hospitality industry. He is a judge at the San Francisco World Spirits competition, board member of the Sporting Life Los Angeles, brand ambassador and owner of Neat spirits bar in Glendale. Aidan also regularly tours the country speaking, judging and serving spirits.

Pavan | Type: Liqueur
Pavan Liqueur
Pavan was named after the classic Pavan dance or “Dance of the Peacock,” which was popular in the South of France during the Renaissance (16th century). The Muscat ‘vin de liqueur’ is blended with a touch of orange blossom selected from the best orange-producing countries in the Mediterranean (Spain and Tunisia, especially). This orange blossom infusion gives Pavan its aromatic citrus note and reinforces its refreshing character.

Host: Cari Hah
Blue Whale, Varnish, Coles, Neat, City Tavern Downtown, Peking Tavern, The Three Clubs
Cari is a bar consultant and bartender around Los Angeles. She has worked at numerous local bars including Blue Whale, Varnish, Coles, Neat, City Tavern Downtown and Peking Tavern. Currently you can find her behind the bar at The Three Clubs in Hollywood. She loves agave spirits, Hello Kitty and Kit Kats.

Selvarey | Type: Rum (Panama)
Selvarey Rum
Three brothers teamed up with fellow rum aficionado Bruno Mars to elevate the category to its rightful place alongside the finest vodkas, tequilas and whiskeys. After years of searching, they finally found Francisco “Don Pancho” Fernandez, the legendary Maestro Ronero who’d carved out a distillery from the jungles of Panama. Together they created Selvarey, a rum to evolve your spirits.

Host: Marc Gold
A co-founder of Selvarey, Marc and his fellow founders, scoured the world to find a distiller who was up to the challenge of creating a white rum that was fine enough to drink on the rocks.

Blackheath | Type: Moonshine
Stillhouse Moonshine
Stillhouse Moonshine is one of the only moonshine brands in the US registered with the TTB (beverage control board) as an unaged whiskey; nearly all other moonshine brands are registered as specialty vodkas. This means Stillhouse never distills above 160 proof, always retaining the characteristics of whiskey, versus other moonshine brands distilling to neutral proof. Crafted from corn grown on a family-owned farm in Culpeper, Virginia, Stillhouse Moonshine is five times distilled in pre-Prohibition pot stills and then charcoal filtered for extra smoothness.

Host: Josh Curtis
Hungry Cat, Pane e Vino
Josh Curtis is one of L.A.’s premier bartenders, whose launch pad was Rod Dyer’s Pane e Vino — Zagat’s “best patio in L.A.” Since then, he’s worked at many great establishments, including a stint at the Hungry Cat directed by Chef David Lentz and Chef Suzanne Goin. He continues to create custom craft menus and serves as bartender at exclusive music and movie premiere parties and in the private homes of celebrities.

Suerte | Type: Tequila
Suerte Blanco
Handcrafted from 100% Blue Weber Agave, Suerte Blanco is rested for a minimum of two months in stainless steel tanks prior to bottling. An incredibly smooth finish and pleasant herbal, citrus and sweet notes make it perfect for sipping straight, on the rocks or enjoying in a refreshing cocktail.

Host: Rosmarie Ruiz
Big Bar @ Alcove Cafe, 1886, Harlowe
Rosie started her career at Los Feliz’s Big Bar @ Alcove Cafe, where she was mentored by some of the industry’s top professionals. After only two years of honing her craft, Rosie was asked to become the beverage/cocktail director for 1886 in Pasadena. Today you can find Rosie at 1933 Group’s new bar Harlowe.

Programming is subject to change.
Ages 21 years and older except Sunday Brunch.
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