L.A.’s Storytelling Experience – Part of the L.A. Times Festival of Books at USC

April 21-22, 2018
Creative Storytelling Beyond the Book
All Ages. Open to the Public.


Podcasts + Television and Film + Music + Virtual Reality and Gaming + Dance + Variety Shows + Personal Storytelling + Improvisation + Immersive Entertainment + Social Impact


  • Vortex Immersion Media 360 Dome
  • Two Bit Circus Interactive Games
  • Dear World Personal Narrative Portrait Booth
  • Community Crenshaw District Heiroglyph Project from Artist Lauren Halsey
  • “The Journey is the Destination”: Dan Eldon Photography Exhibit
  • Haptic touch technology demo from Immersion Corp


Guest Curator Beatie Wolfe presents The Art of Music: Musical Innovation and Creativity

  • the Raw Space AR anechoic chamber pop-up with Nokia Bell Labs
  • the Montagu Square Musical Jacket
  • the Galactic Whisper Station
  • Outdoor Stage highlights include premiere screenings, performances, panels, interview
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Los Angeles is storytelling capitol of the world, and that’s why the L.A. Times is adding to its beloved Festival of Books a set of experiences called Newstory.  This new zone offers festivalgoers the opportunity to discover creative storytelling ‘beyond the book’ — podcasts, virtual reality, film, television, music and more — with conversations across FIVE stages!
“Los Angeles is the world’s epicenter of storytelling,” said Suzy Jack, L.A. Times Vice President of Public Affairs and Events. “Books and stories help us make sense of our world, see new perspectives, and enrich our lives. Books are the foundation of modern storytelling, and we’re excited to launch our 23rd annual celebration of books and literature, and also go beyond the book through Newstory. Through new programming and experiences Newstory will honor our city’s long history of stories that showcase some of today’s emerging creative storytellers.”

BigSTORY, Creative Visions, Dear World, The GRAMMY Museum, SeriesFest, Spotify, Two Bit Circus, the Universal Hip Hop Museum, and Vortex Immersion Media are among dozens of programming partners brought together for the inaugural Newstory, a set of experiences nested within the Festival of Books to highlight emerging forms of storytelling. Musician Beatie Wolfe has curated “The Art of Music: Musical Innovation and Creativity,” an all-Saturday lively stage of world-class talks and performance across music, art and technology. Wolfe, a special guest curator to this year’s festival, also brings to Newstory a weekend-long exhibition of musical storytelling curiosities, including the global premiere of the Raw Space augmented reality anechoic chamber pop-up with Nokia Bell Labs, the Montagu Square musical jacket, and the galactic whisper station. 
The Art of Music is one of many Newstory experiences that go beyond talks and presentations, offering festivalgoers opportunities to experience new forms of storytelling directly.  Outdoor experiences also include Vortex Immersion Media’s 360 dome, Two Bit Circus interactive games, Dear World’s personal narrative portrait booth, a community Crenshaw Distrcit Heiroglyph Project from artist Lauren Halsey, a photography exhibit “The Journey is the Destination” from the late Dan Eldon and Creative Visions, and Immersion Corp’s haptic touch technology demonstration.
 “It’s such an amazing and fun time for storytellers, as well as for readers, viewers and listeners,” said Clint Schaff, L.A. Times Vice President of Strategy and Development who is producing Newstory, along with producer Kim Garner. “Humans have always found shared meaning through stories, and now we can do that through not only books, but also video, audio and emerging platforms that incorporate new media that allow for new voices to be heard. That’s what Newstory is all about.”
Join Newstory on April 21st and 22nd at the L.A. Times Festival of Books at the University of Southern California to go beyond the book and to discover creative storytelling.
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