Festival-goers can indulge in a tempting array of flavors. In addition to USC’s many dining options, a choice selection of food trucks and booths will be serving up fare all weekend.


Belly Bombz

Founded in early 2012 by chef/owner Albert Shim as a food stand at a local Long Beach farmer's market, Belly BombZ only operated on Sundays, where random market goers eventually became weekend regulars. Albert's Korean roots combined with his classical French training are what drive the backbone concept of the menu, Korean inspired wings and sliders.

Boba Truck

The Boba Truck is a fully customized gourmet tea/boba bar on wheels. We utilize the latest tea brewing techniques to offer our customers a freshly brewed cup of tea, one serving at a time. With very unique offerings such as our Cherry Blossom Green Tea, Fuji Apple Black Tea, French Rose Black Tea, Candy Apple Green Apple, Osmanthus Black Tea and Elite Taiwan Oolong Tea, we are sure to have a flavor for you. Each drink is available with your choice of our famous Boba, mini Boba, Lychee Jelly, Mango Jelly or Aloe bits

Cousin’s Maine Lobster

Since 2012, Cousin’s Maine Lobster has worked hard to bring the freshest Maine seafood to hungry patrons throughout the U.S. We strive to create the freshest and most authentic Maine seafood experience by staying close to the source. We know the men and women who haul traps and distribute the delicious catch of the Gulf of Maine which allows us to serve the best tasting lobster rolls off our trucks or deliver a few live lobsters straight to your home.

Crepe’n Around

Who knew that when sisters Eileen and Joann DeLeoz were eating their crepes right under the Eiffel Tower back in 2006, that it was the beginning of their Crepe’n Around adventure? Fast forward to 2010, Crepe’n Around offers foodies anything from the sweet crepes we all love — Strawberries and Cream, Banana Nutella, and S’more, to savory crepes filled with Teriyaki Flank Steak, Ham & Brie, Maple Braised Pork and Chicken Pesto. No matter what your palette, Crepe’n Around brings high-quality crepes at street level prices for everyone to enjoy.

Gourmet Genie

Max Elias launched his newest venture, the Gourmet Genie food truck, in March 2010. Oftentimes working seven days a week, Max sells his healthy creations either street-side or by invitation at events and festivals around Los Angeles County. The Gourmet Genie’s wholesome Mediterranean fare is halal, kosher and organic, and includes such staples as hummus and couscous but is probably most popular for the gourmet fusion tacos and pita wrap sandwiches.

The Greasy Wiener

Adam “Iggy” Dragotta has created his own homemade recipe with C.I.A. chef Eric Maczko to ensure they bring to you the best wiener (frankfurter) to ever hit the market! You have to visit The Greasy Wiener truck to fully enjoy the experience. With cameras and speakers, you’ll be introduced to and entertained by up and coming artists in music. Interactive multimedia plays an integral part in the The Greasy Wiener experience and you just might find that you and your friends are a part of the broadcast. We’re on a mission to give West Coast hot dog lovers a new, unforgettable wiener – The Greasy Wiener!

The Green Truck

Serving you fresh, organic food isn’t enough. Green Truck believes that a healthy environment is essential to healthy living. We always say “you can pay the farmer now or pay the doctor later.” What you put into your body does matter. So we use only certified organic ingredients, which protect your body from harmful pesticides and keep pollutants away from plants, animals and waterways. We also buy locally grown ingredients whenever possible. Because the tomato on your Mother Trucker burger shouldn’t have to travel 2,000 miles just for lunch.

Greenz on Wheelz

Greenz on Wheelz is part of a family-owned foodservice operation that includes restaurants, food trucks and catering services. Our family is dedicated to quality. We have spent years perfecting great food, focusing on healthy ingredients, using seasonal produce and turning out wonderful dishes that keep our customers coming back for more. We would love to show you what we’ve learned in this business, and we invite you to try our delicious food truck cuisine. Remember our name – Greenz on Wheelz!

India Jones Chow Truck

India Jones Chow Trucks are gourmet food trucks serving authentic Indian street food throughout greater Los Angeles and beach cities. The owner, well-respected chef Sumant Pardal, specializes in Indian street food, particularly frankies: a roti is wrapped around fillings like lamb, paneer and mushrooms to form what the Zagat Guide’s blog calls “the Indian equivalent of a burrito.”

Jogasaki Burrito

L.A.-based food truck Jogasaki Sushi Burrito is definitely having some fun with their unique take on sushi. Their “mobile” menu consists of familiar sushi combinations, as well as more adventurous items such as spicy tuna nachos and salmon ceviche tacos, all served up in a convenient on-the-go fashion.

Mandoline Grill

Owner Mong Skillman grew up eating traditional bánh mì sandwiches and bowls of bún thịt nướng, both as a daughter and regular customer at her mother’s Vietnamese restaurant in Honolulu’s Chinatown. Believing that her mother’s cuisine was far too flavorful to be kept an island secret, she left her day job in L.A. in 2007, and returned to Hawaii to study in her mother’s kitchen, determined to bring her family’s light, bright and savory dishes to the masses. Now Mong has the privilege of introducing her mother’s inspirational flavors to L.A. (and beyond!) as she drives the Mandoline Grill truck from Orange County to Echo Park to Santa Monica, offering fresh, crisp vegan and carnivore-friendly bánh mì sandwiches, and of course, her mother’s famous bún thịt nướng noodle bowls.

Palazzolo Truck

Palazzolo's makes gelato the old-fashioned way so you can benefit from a dense, creamy and truly artisanal product. We never use premade gelato components or large-volume machinery freezers that we believe compromise quality. You can be assured that the rich, intense flavors and bright colors of our gelato and sorbetto are the result of real, premium ingredients from around the world.

Ragin Cajun

Stephen Domingue of Lafayette, Louisiana, moved to California in 1988 with his then-girlfriend who at the time was an aspiring actress. Before long, he was missing the culture of Lafayette, especially the incredible food that he had become so accustomed to. It wasn't long before he realized that he had an opportunity to bring Cajun food, that is real authentic Cajun food, to California. He would go on to open up the very first and pioneering Ragin' Cajun restaurant in Hermosa Beach, California on April 1, 1992. Now Stephen has taken his business on the road, serving up classic Cajun food all over Southern California!

White Rabbit

White Rabbit Truck is Los Angeles’ Original Filipino Fusion Truck. With the rise of the popularity of Filipino food, we noticed that there were no places that served true Filipino Fusion food. Now we are able to bring this medley of food to the streets, where everybody can experience the goodness of a few of our favorite childhood Filipino foods, and now with an American and Mexican twist.


Jack's Thai BBQ
Napa Valley Noodles

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